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Love is Stronger Than Justice

May 20, 2013

Philadelphia prides itself as being the City of Brotherly Love. Well, they weren’t very brotherly to the Reds over the weekend, and they certainly didn’t show us much love. In fact, they were more like that annoying neighbor that would sneak up behind you and push the back of your knee when you’re standing up so that your leg unlocks and you fall over.

You guys had the same neighbor as me, right?

While Friday’s loss was just one of those games, and Saturday was an absolute demolishing of the Phillies (Hey, look, it’s Joey Votto!), what happened on Sunday simply can’t happen again. You can’t have (another) great outing by Homer Bailey, and then follow it up with a bullpen collapse. I’m looking at you, Aroldis Chapman. And that grumbling you hear, that’s me thinking about Jonathan Broxton.

I’ll allow the run that Broxton gave up, but only because it was the only (at the time) run the Reds had given up in almost 17 innings. But back-to-back homers in the bottom of the 9th? Come on, Chapman.

The Reds could’ve, should’ve and would’ve taken that series. Instead, they didn’t, shouldn’t and wouldn’t.

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