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Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space

May 16, 2013


The Florida Miami Marlins are not a good baseball team. In fact, they’re a downright terrible baseball team, but a sweep is a sweep (is a sweep). Especially when it’s the second series sweep in a row for the Reds. And they finally gained a game on the Cardinals, who apparently refuse to lose.

There are no apologies for a six-game win streak against the last place Brewers and the last place Marlins. The Reds are doing what they need to do, which is beat the bad teams. Of course, they need to beat the good teams, too (19 of the Reds’ 25 wins are against sub-.500 teams), but the Reds don’t make the schedule. The Brewers play the same teams as the Reds and they’re in last place.

But when there’s good news, there’s usually bad news. As Jay Bruce is slowly digging his way out of his slump, Todd Frazier and Zach Cozart continue to be mired in their own respective slumps. In fact, they were the only two guys who didn’t have a hit against the Marlins tonight. Frazier went 0-9 in the series against the Marlins.

Please refer to the first two sentences of this post to see my thoughts on the Marlins.

The Phillies should prove to be a tougher opponent for the Reds. The starting pitchers the Reds will be facing this weekend in Philadelphia are a combined 11-3 on the season. The Miami Marlins — as a team — only have 11 wins.

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  1. May 16, 2013 10:31 PM

    Until further notice, the Marlins should be considered a Triple-A team.

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