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Angry Young Man

May 1, 2013

According to Jay Bruce, Reds fans are at it again. And by “fans” I mean — they’re not really fans. And by “at it again,” I mean — acting like fools.

In case you haven’t heard by now, Bruce took to the Twitters last night to voice his displeasure with the people who voiced their displeasure on Twitter about the way Bruce has been (or hasn’t been) playing in the first month of season.

It started like this:


And ended like this:


You can probably figure out what happened in between.

While I agree with Bruce’s general stance on the matter, I don’t agree with his approach. By acknowledging the blowhards on Twitter, Facebook, etc., you only encourage them. If someone’s life is so shallow that they feel the need to attack a professional athlete on social media, it’s doubtful they’re going to change their ways after being called out by said athlete.

The best approach in situations like these is to ignore it. Or hit better with runners in scoring position. Either one.

The fact of the matter is, it’s embarrassing that this conversation had to happen at all. The last time I checked, baseball is a game — 162 of them to be precise. Can it be a frustrating game? Yes. Can it be a fun game? You bet. But no matter how bad things have gotten, or how bad they’ll get, I’ve never once considered sending an angry tweet to one of the guys on their teams (or their spouse, or family members…) to complain about their performance. Not one time.

But I guess some people just have more free time than I do.

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