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Run to the Hills

June 2, 2011

As I’ve mentioned before, on Saturday, June 11 I will be participating in the 1st Annual Cincinnati Reds Blog Jog/Subway® Redlegs Run with proceeds benefiting the Reds Community Fund.

Phew, that’s a mouthful.

(That’s what @goggles17 said…)

The main event is obviously the Subway® Redlegs Run, but the true crazies will be taking part in the 1st Annual Cincinnati Reds Blog Jog.

While participants of the Subway® Redlegs Run will be running (or walking) a 5K or 10K wearing their stupid boring shirts and smug faces, 1st Annual Cincinnati Reds Blog Jog participants will be running (or walking) (or crawling) a 5K or 10K wearing awesome shirts and painted faces that profess their love for their favorite blog(s). 

At least, that’s the idea.

Think of it as the Subway® Redlegs Run… with more marshmallows!

Or something like that.

Now, you might be thinking, “Goggles, I thought Chris Sabo’s Goggles was the only Reds blog worth reading.”

Not true, silly reader! There are many Reds blogs worth reading — you’re just smart enough to spend all of your free time reading mine. That’s why we’re having the Blog Jog — to bring the Cincinnati Reds blogging community out of their parents’ basement and into the magical world that non-bloggers call “outside.”

We Celebrity Bloggers have hidden behind our cleverly-typed words and Photoshopped images long enough. It’s now time for us to emerge from our lairs and interact with you, the common-folk!

So, you essentially get to spend your hard-earned money to run long distances and hang out with me!

(and Blog Red Machine, The Jamie Ramsey, Mo Egger, OMGReds, Reds Country, Red Hot Mama, Redleg Nation Red Reporter)

What’s not awesome about that?!

But enough of my yappin’ — here are the details…

Where to Register (for info)

I believe online registration is closed, but you can still register at the following locations:

Saturday, June 4 – 10 AM-4 PM

  • Fleet Feet Sports – corner of Kenwood and Cooper roads in Blue Ash (513-793-8383)

Thursday, June 9 – 10 AM-6 PM

  • Great American Ball Park – Crosley Terrace, corner of Second Street and Joe Nuxhall Way

Friday, June 10 – 12 PM-4 PM

  • Great American Ball Park – Crosley Terrace, corner of Second Street and Joe Nuxhall Way

Saturday, June 11 (Race Day!) – 6 AM

  • Great American Ball Park – Gate 3, Pete Rose Way

Other stuff to look forward to:

  • Pre-race Blog Jog gathering at the ballpark
  • Prizes for best signs, shirts, and costumes/outfits
  • We’ll take tons of photos
  • Post-race gathering place off-site for our group

(Click on image for larger view)

Please note that the finish line for both the 5K and the 10K is inside Great American Ball Park.

And in case you’re wondering — yes, it is extremely cool running through the outfield gate, down the warning track towards the 3B foul line, then straight to the finish.

It’s just too bad that the first face I saw at the finish line last year was Mo Egger’s.

Lastly, I’ve designed an exclusive Chris Sabo’s Goggles/Blog Jog t-shirt that will be worn by me and and Miss Sabo’s Goggles during the race. I plan on ordering one more of these shirts to give away to the person who comes up with the most creative and/or unique way of showing their love,  appreciation, whatever of Chris Sabo’s Goggles at the Blog Jog.

Just keep it clean (unless Miss Sabo’s Goggles has her back turned).

See you on June 11!

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