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Explode and Make Up

April 10, 2011

You know what I hate? Getting out of the car after a long, boring drive from Cincinnati to Chicago — with the Reds winning 5-o — only to check the score an hour later and find that the Reds are losing 10-7.

That’s what I hate.

I realize it’s still early, but losing a game like this hurts. It reminds me of that walk-off-grand-slam loss to the Braves early last season. That one hurt too, but you know what — that loss didn’t matter because the Reds still made the playoffs. In the grand scheme of things this loss to the Diamondbacks probably won’t matter either, but the Reds still should’ve won it.

Mike Leake looked (okay, sounded — I was listening to it on the radio) a little shaky all day. It seemed like he’d get into some kind of trouble every inning, and up until the 5th he figured out a way to get out of it. Probably not a good sign that he looked gassed after 70-ish pitches.

The Reds had a chance to tie/take the lead in the top of the 9th but failed to come through with two guys on base. It’s kind of hard to fault the lack of production in that situation (I’m looking in your general direction Juan “I completely whiffed on a fastball down the middle” Francisco) because the Reds should have never been that position to begin with.

So, instead of winning their third straight series to start the 2011 season, the Reds have lost their first series of the season. Now the Reds get to play the Padres.

I hate West-Coast road trips.

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