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Trouble Me

April 16, 2010

Now can I complain? Now can I start worrying about the state of affairs with the Cincinnati Reds?

If you’re not concerned about what you’ve seen so far — you should be.

Aaron Harang is done. Finished. No more “if he can return to his 2007-form…” talk. It’s not going to happen. What you see is what you get with Harang from this point forward. I really like the guy — always have — but it’s time to consider other options.

It’s too early in the season to trade the guy, but he absolutely must be traded before the deadline this year. Teams get desparate for starting pitching in July, and Harang would be a nice 5th starter for someone.

Harang lasted 4.0 innings and gave up 10 hits and 8 ERs. Bronson Arroyo has lines like that from time to time, but Bronson Arroyo usually bounces back with a good start.

Harang isn’t bouncing back. Not anymore.

The obvious solution is to call up Aroldis Chapman and see what he can do. That might solve one problem, but what do we do about Homer Bailey (who has been less than sharp in his first two starts) and Johnny Cueto (ditto)?

All we heard about during Spring Training was the Reds’ promising young pitching staff, and if the Reds could just find a way to score some runs, they’d be a sleeper pick in the NL Central.

They’re a sleeper all right — they’re putting me to sleep.

Three of the guys in the rotation are serious question marks already, the “offense” is impotent (thanks to Phil C. on Facebook), and the bullpen is overused before the third week of the season.

Tell me, what am I supposed to be encouraged by?

Okay, what am I supposed to be encouraged by besides Mike Leake?

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